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2001 / Y Reg Ford Making Whirring Sound


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When driving my Ford Focus its started making a whirring sound. It sounds like it is coming from the rear, near the wheel on the passenger side.

Today whilst driving, I put my foot on the brake and it kind of was kicking back up. Almost like there was some resistance.

The brake pads and discs were changed this year so it's not them. The clutch was replaced last month.

Any ideas what it could be?

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Tried driving to the garage today however within minutes both the ABS and Traction Control light came on.

As a result I turned back.

Just before this it sounded like a vibration from the back of the car.

Does that help identify the issue?


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I think I know what the issue may be ...

Maybe it's the ABS unit? I've read that can make a buzzing sound. Also would account for why the abs light and traction light is on

Does that sound like a possible?

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I've dropped the car off at the garage now. I was worried it wouldn't make it but thankfully did.

As said before, the ABS light and Traction Control light is now on permanently.

It feels like I have a flat tyre - but don't. Also sounds a bit like there is gravel in the wheel, that sort of rough sound.

Hopefully garage will identify issue and it won't be too expensive. Not sure what to do if it will cost £400+ as I replaced the clutch last month for £350

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Yea I feel a bit stupid as I told the garage "my pads were only changed recently".

They put checked the file and came back to me

"The front ones were changed in July"

I feel stupid but didn't even consider which ones were changed. I'm not good with cars as you can tell!

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You're right. I will start that now. Thankfully I have all the receipts so can back date it.

I think I'm doing the right thing to repair. It's essential for work.

It's a solid car and ultra reliable. It's just wear and tear I think. Replaced clutch last month for £350.

I hope this is the last thing for a while. MOT in March tho. It usually fails on something.

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I'm a bit annoyed as I think I've been over charged. I couldnt shop about as it was barely drivable so took it to the garage near me who I do generally trust.

I looked up a wheel bearing online. Most say it should be £180 all in.

However an abs ring costs £10

A set of rear brake pads is about £25

Yet I've been charged a total of £305.

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