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Wipers, Indicators Auto Lights And Heated Screens Not Working!

Davey R

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Hi everyone! I have a 2005 Ford Focus Ghia mk2.

After changing my pollen filter I noticed a problem... my wipers, indicators, hazard lights, auto lights and heated front and rear windscreen don't work! the lights work when put on manually, and the windscreen wash button still works which activates the wipers briefly, though the stark doesn't. I've check all fuses and noted number 45 (10amp) had blown so swapped that but still no joy. Could it possible be a blown relay with me messing around near the fuse box to change the pollen filter?

Thanks in Advance for any help :)

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Have you checked that all the big multi-plugs to the fusebox are fully secure? That could explain why several things have stopped working.

The plugs/wiring tend to get in the way when trying to change the pollen filter it's very possible you've disturbed one of them. I always end unplugging one completely when I've done the job.

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Had a look this morning...hey presto! A clip was loose holding a connector in, plugged it in again and everything's back! Even better the key fob (which hasn't worked since I've owned the car) has started working again! So I'm guessing the connector had been loose for a while and Id just moved it enough for other stuff to go off! Cheers for the reply mate much appreciated :)

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