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What Should I Get ?


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New to this forum so Hi to everyone :) Im thinking of getting a new car in the next 6-12 months. Im looking for something that has plenty of power but also is bigger than my current (fiesta zetec s) car. My budget is anything up to £15k. This has left me with only two choices, either the new mk3 Focus ST but would be a 2012 plate or the older Focus RS mk2. Which would you go for ?

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Don't think you'd get much of a mk2 RS for £15K whereas you'd have a lot more to choose from with an ST.

Cheapest real RS on eBay when I just had a peek was at £18.5K.

That might change once Ford are closer to releasing the mk3 RS but you still may be waiting a while before mk2 RS prices drop

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MK2 RS is still strong money, I think it will be for a while yet, If you did happen to see an RS for that sort of money I would be worried there might be problems with it as it would be that cheap for a reason.

I had the same thoughts a while ago, Either an RS or the MK3 ST.

The RS obviously holds its value very well, even if Ford bring out the new RS I think it will still hold its value for a long time after.

I am still not sure if I like the MK3 ST.

I think if I do end up going for the MK3 ST it will have to be the estate version. preferably in white or black, First choice would be white though.

But as John said, The MK3 just dosnt have the same sound

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Its a hard one I get what your all saying for your money you get a much newer st and if you get a rs for around 15k it will properly have issues, I think I will get an st as I cant stretch any further than 15k and I will have a newer car that is still very fast and less chance of any issues :) thanks everyone

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