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Focus Tdci Power Loss


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Hi all as everyone posting ,I need help.

I live in spain and I have a 2004 tdci focus,about a month ago it started playing up,the glow plug light would flash and the engine check light would come on and total loss of power, no response from accelerator.So I took it to the ford garage and they said that there were particles in the filter,so they changed the high pressure fuel pump,cleaned the tank and system,changed the filter and tested the injectors at a cost of 2000 + euros. and basically it is just the same,they then said I needed 4 new injectors at an additional cost of 1000+euros!I thought having previously tested the injectors,they would have shown up as faulty.Anyway I have since taken it to an independent garage who have done a leak off test reslting in minimum amount of diesel coming from the returns all 4 being about the same quantity of about 5mm in the bottom of a plastic beaker over 1minute.

The car starts from cold although sometimes stalls and starts right up again-goes like a rocket until it starts getting warm then the glow plug light flashes ,engine check light comes on complete lack of power and no throttle response.the fault code gave-fuel line pressure low-they have tried a pressure sensor from another car and it still does the same.Is it possiblethat the problem is the injectors or could it be something else?any help would be much appreciated

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Could be a number of probs the car has a built in safety mech to protect the engine when my water pump went as soon as it got to warm put the car into limp mode until it had cooled down have you looked for any leaks specially around the pump and thermostat housing (above the starter motor ) you could also have a clogged fuel filter when was the last time it was changed ? If it starts and runs can't see it being injector or pump related does it over heat . Could even be a sensor problem like a faulty cam sensor and those can be very intermittent as I found out years ago .

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Hi thanks for the reply

,I forgot to say that before any of the work was carried out,the cam sensor was changed using a genuine ford one.There is no signs of water loss and the car does not overheat.The fuel filter has been changed when they put the new injection pump on.

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