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Hesitant Running C Max


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Hi guys I have a problem with my 2007 1.6 tdci zetec c max. Its running hesitant at low revs but not all the time. I've read on some of the forums on this and it says to un plug the MAF sensor. I've done that but my engine light has now come on. Question is how long can I run it with the engine light on. I'm going to buy a code reader, is it the d900 ? will this get rid of the engine light if I find that the car runs better with the MAF sensor un plugged



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Hi all just an update on this. I unplugged the MAF sensor and it made no difference, In fact after plugging it back in it went worse. The engine light has gone out on its own and I don't know whether putting Redex in has helped that but on my way home from work earlier it started juddering really badly then I lost power all together. Got it to a layby got it started again, but still juddering. My last 4 or 5 miles home it went fine without juddering....cant work it out.

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Mine is doing this aswel only just brought the car, The ecu said EGR was frozen so replaced it and did full service including fuel filter and still judders only slightly but Iv noticed does a big one after long journey.

Iv had two mechanics said its the turbo and two say it's not, the garage were I brought it from have the car at the minute and only thing they are doing is resealing a injector as its leaking a little. They also said couldn't get it to judder told them mainly 2nd and 3rd gears at low speed and revs.

Let us know if sort yours id be very interested in the outcome

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Just an update. Just had the car back from the garage and the machine flagged up low fuel pressure so they changed the fuel filter, which they said was full of gunk, seems to be running well at the moment but I,ll update after its been on a long run...fingers crossed though, hope this helps.

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