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No Sound/audio After Bluetooth Module Retrofit


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Hi all

New in the forum, and a happy reader for quite some time.

I have a Mondeo MK4, build date 13.10.2009, and I am trying to retrofit the original bluetooth. It is a Titanium with Convers+, Sony 6CD headunit and a AUX port in the glove box. The AUX wiring should go directly to the SONY radio through the QUADLOCK connector.

Convers+ FW: 1007
Sony 6CD HU FW: 05-06-01

The wiring for the BT module was already in the car from the factory, so I began to install it all.
I installed the original microphone, the new voice/indicator stalk by the steering wheel, and the module
- Note: Firstly I tried the 7S7T-19G488-AE module - also with no success, and actually wanted USB connectivity, so I bought another one.

Most of it works, I can connect the phone, browse the phonebook and so on, but I have no audio on calls. People can hear me, but no sound through the Speakers. Also no sound whenever I try VOICE. (VOICE is displayed on the SONY HU)

Any suggestions? I am really lost, I have checked the wiring, searched Google, and a lot of other sites, but still no resolution.

I did found this thread:


- Could it be related?

Or is it the existing wiring which needs modification or something like that?


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I have the 8G9T-14N000-CB patch cable, which is for a car without BT connection. The 8G9T-14N000-AB cable or similar is for cars with an active BT connection.

I think that is where the problem is at .. But if someone could confirm this, that would be great!

Found this list on a polish site:

8G9T-14N000-DB - From: 01-09-2008 To: 23-01-2009 No call ± bluetooth connection, ICE-Naw. bogat.opc. CD + AM / FM Radio
8G9T-14N000-AB - From: 01-09-2008 To: 07-02-2011 bluetooth / st.g³. + Info + Nav., Wyp.podst.CD + AM / FM Radio
8G9T-14N000-BC - From: 07-02-2011 bluetooth / st.g³. + Info + Nav., ICE-Naw. bogat.opc. CD + AM / FM Radio
8G9T-14N000-BB - From: 01-09-2008 To: 07-02-2011 Interf.tel.BT/VC + USB, ICE-Naw. bogat.opc. CD + AM / FM Radio
8G9T-14N000-CB - From: 01-09-2008 To: 07-02-2011 No call ± Bluetooth connection, rich version CDX6 + AM / FM & DAB
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On 4/8/2015 at 4:16 PM, C.M said:

8G9T-14N000-AB cable/patch loom now installed, and now everything works like it should.

Hi. I know this is from forever ago but I’m having trouble with bt modules. How many wires does your patch have? Is it the 2 loops or more?

hopefully you can still remember. 
thank you. 

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