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Sony Multi And Iphone Usb/aux


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I have my phone connected to my sony stereo via the jack in the aux and lightning cable in USB however each time i restart the car i seem to have to unplug my phone to get the sound to come back out of the Speakers! Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I resolve?

Thanks in advance.

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The bluetooth Audio function can be selected by Voicecontrol or by pressing the AUX button a number of times until the bluetooth Audio function is selected.

Early versions of the Sound & Connect (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol with USB and Ipod support) system did not have bluetooth Audio. This function was introduced some time later during production of the Focus MK2.5. If your car was built in 2008 I suspect it does not support Bluetooth Audio. On the early modules the Bluetooth Audio function can be added by performing the Ford Audio Update. This update can be performed by yourself with an USB drive. The update updates the module to the latest available software version and fixes some known problems and improves Phone compatability.

The latest available update was released in 2012. Some time later Ford stopped the support for this old system and removed all update files from all official websites. I still have the Ford Audio Update files. It can be downloaded from the following website:


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To install the Ford Audio Update you have to perform the following procedure:

1. Insert the USB drive into the computer and format it as the FAT32 file system

2. Copy the update files directly to the root of the USB drive. You can copy all files but basically you only need the "8M5T-14D511-AV.bvc" and "8M5T-14D511-AV.vbf" file for English language modules.

3. Remove the USB drive from the computer and take it to the car.

4. Switch the radio on without turning on the ignition (1-Hour mode).

5. Insert the USB drive into the USB socket of the car.

6. Switch on the ignition.

Now the update should start automatically. During the update a message will be displayed on the radio screen. The update process should take about 20 to 30 minutes.

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The Ford Audio Update does only update the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. The radio itself is not touched by the update(the Sony radio can not be updated in any way). The "Update Failed" message is an indication that your system supports the update procedure. If the system does not support the update procedure there would not happen anything.

In some cases it will take a few attempts before the update process starts. The reason for this is unknown. Next to this you could also try to use a different USB drive. Not all USB drives are suitable to perform the Ford Audio Update.

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