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Ford Ka Heater Problem Need Help


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Hi everyone ive got a ford ka 2000 reg the problem ive got is that the heater blower fuse no 12 keeps melting but does not blow which makes the blower stop until i put another fuse in this in turn has made the heater only blow hot not cold any help would be great thank you

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This could be the heater switch which is below the middle of the windscreen in the engine bay, very possibly the switch has failed meaning it wont stop the flow of coolant to the heater matrix and it blows hot all the time and the switch could be causing the fuse to blow. the switch is relatively cheap I just had the same problem and the pipes on the switch were broken and the floor of the car was damp with coolant switch costs £11 on flee bay. See here for switch, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-KA-PUMA-STREETKA-TRANSIT-TOURNEO-CONNECT-HEATER-CONTROL-VALVE-/151097716165?hash=item232e202dc5

See here how to change it,

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