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Need Help To Identify A Small Egr Hose/pipe


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Hi fellow Focus owners

I am having an issue with a small hose in my 2009 MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCI. the hose which is located in top of the EGR (see the attached image) comes out of its place after hard accelerations so I have to put it back every time.

my question is what does it do exactly, and why am I having this problem, many thanks for your help.



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It's your MAP sensor feed pipe.

The MAP sensor is the black box on the other end of the pipe.

It measures the pressure of the intake air and in conjunction with the air temp sensor the computer determines the air mass so that it knows how much fuel to mix in.

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I'll have my EGR checked and cleaned. If the valve is Ok and the problem persists then I'll change the MAP sensor. Thanks guys

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