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Focus Mk 3.5 Led Flasher Unit Location Reqd...


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Hi Guys

I have the above and want to fit some Cree Led Single Lens Indicator bulbs front and rear, but I dont want the hassle or cutting

existing wiring harness to fit large power resistors into indicator circuit

I came across this link, http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/LED-Flasher-Unit.html

which advises standard flasher unit can be changed for LED type with or without buzzer warning..


Now my problems after just having bout car last week, where to I find the flasher unit, to verify type and replace

the Ford Manual that came with car is virtually useless for info, can anybody point out from experience where to look ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance given..


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This will not work on a Focus MK3/MK3.5.

The Focus MK3/MK3.5 does not have a changeable turn signal relay. On these cars the turn signal relay is fully integrated onto the circuit board of the BCM (Body Control Module). All of the (micro) relays integrated into the BCM are surface mounted (SMD) relays which are soldered directly onto the circuit board.

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Hi Wilco

Thank you for a speedy replay, looks like I am stuck with normal bulbs, as I dont fancy butchering my new

car wiring just for the sake of led indicators, unless there is some plug and play ones that go at same speed

and do not through up bulb out canbus errors...

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There are special CANbus LED Bulbs with integrated resistors to prevent error messages and fast flashing of the indicators. However the integrated resistor on these LED Bulbs usually becomes very hot which negatively affects the lifetime of the LED's.

Personally I prefer normal bulbs with a chrome/silver coating.

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