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Ford Focus Mk2 Facelift Mods


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I'm new to this but I have been reading a few forums on this site and I wanted to create a new forum myself as i wanted some advice on some mods for my focus.

First i wanted to ask for suggestions for my spoiler as I quite like the factory one but i feel like it's a bit too low for me and the RS is a bit too big for my liking (plus i'm not planning on making a rep). So any suggestions for a spoiler??? I was possibly considering the ST spoiler but tbh I have no idea what the difference is between the standard one and the ST, all i can tell is that there is a bit of difference in design but size and height wise they look similar. If someone with an ST spoiler could possible provide a close up pic of the spoiler from the side I would appreciate it as I have no idea what i want to do about the spoiler.

The second thing is whether or not should I make my roof black. My car is white and will post some pics later on of the car in general but I look at some white cars with the black roofs and they look good but that miight be because of the shape of other cars. Has anyone got a white focus with a black roof? if so can you send a pic please. Thanks.

The last thing would prob be performance mods, I have already installed the K&N 57S4000 Induction Kit and I have noticed a slight improvement in acceleration and noise but its nothing major. I am planning on getting a custom dual exit exhaust fitted by JP Exhausts in Cheshire as I'm hoping that will hopefully give better performance and possibly a remap after the exhaust has been fitted (I know that a remap is hardly gna make a difference since mine is only a 1.6 sport petrol) but i have no idea what else i can do to improve performance.

I can't go for a bigger engine model because of insurance cost as the area i live in has really high quotes plus my age so had to stick with the 1.6.

I have quite a couple of mods in mind but the above are the ones i'm not sure of yet so Would really appreciate any suggestions.


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