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Lenny, I hope my misses don't see that blanket, she will want one :wub::wub: :D

I have had a look tonight and I think artscot79 and Ian were right. In Ian's 1st picture there is a white/yellowish 90 bend. Mine is black on my car but it was not even clipped in. It was shoved in down the side of it.

Its soaked under the carpet. Will it dry out over time or do I need to vacuum it out or what :huh:

Its dark and my car is parked down the road so will try and clip it back in tomorrow. Does it just click in ? And is that just the drain off water from the air con ?

Thanks for the help. appreciate it :)





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I have just pushed it back in. The rubber seal on it was in good nick. It was quite hard to push in and feels like a nice tight fit.

How would that have come off do you think ?

Can the blowers push it out if it was blocked.

I'm just puzzled how it could have come loose as I can't even pull it back out now it's in there :mellow: :D

The underlay is wetter than an otters pocket though :unsure: :(

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Right this has been fixed hopefully. I got some grips on it and pulled it back out. Was in there very good indeed.

Curtain wire was a bugger to get down but there was no blockages.

While it was out I poured a pint of water down it, it never back up and disappeared without flowing over the top. Looked underneath and it was dripping away nicely.

Then spent the next 2 hours with dozens of rags sucking the water up out of the underlay and foam stuff under the pedals. :wacko: -_- :D

Thank you to everyone who helped sort this out. :)

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