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Illuminated Gear Knob


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Just fitted the illuminated gear knob to my 2012 focus 6 speed with lift for reverse.Comes with a new gatier and picture book instructions.Got it from Ford includes vat no postage easy to order & pick up watch out for that if u get from eleswhere.

A bit fiddly to fit I'm only a diy mech.You have to remove the drivers side panel of the centre consel to gain access to the multi-plug that it connects to,its tapped up to other wiring.Don't unscrew the gearknob until you have lifted the gaiter and prized off the link for reverse.

This is where it gets very fiddly,the wire from the gearknob passes through the collar of the gater with a multiplug on the end. This means holding the gearknob in one hand the gaiter in the other,pass it over the gear stick making sure the wire does'nt get snagged.You spin the knob & gaiter as one trying to make sure the wire does'nt foul nightmare!

I ended up breaking the insulation on the wire.This actually did me a favour,i cut off the multiplug ,repaired the insulation with heatshrink.I was now able to put the gaiter on screw the knob on pass the wire through the collar making sure it was nice and free,pushed the gaiter up into the knob clipped on the reverse link.reffited the multiplug more heatshrink and plugged it in.

lights up blue when u open the door ,hope this helps anyone who is thinking of fitting one.


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I mean your local ford main dealer by the time you pay vat & postage being home when its delivered its eaiser to get it from ford


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