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Positive Stereo Post......for A Change From Me :-)

Jon Bhoy

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Hi Folks,

Well bought a Sony 6 cd head unit from a lovely gent in Romford at the weekend and managed to get back to Kent without a speeding cam being alerted (How many on that M25 now?Its crazy!!!)

Well been looking for good Speakers this weekend but thought id go ahead and install the unit anyway to replace my standard 6000 CD (Which i am selling now if anyone wants to make an offer....its totally immaculate!) . Put it in with a bit of a struggle with the quad plug (was way tighter than i thought it would be) and i had loads of extra stuff behind from my Parrot system and wired in sat nav so getting it back in took a few goes.

Well popped it on,put the code in.................and WOW !!!!!

Anyone that says it does not make much of a difference must be deaf.The bass alone is amazing and thats through standard non titanium Speakers so putting them through a set of Alpines with maybe a 10 inch bass is going to be pretty amazing.Got the head unit after a month of looking and seeing scratched ones for about £80-100 but this was immaculate so paid £110 and was very happy . Honestly if you want decent sounds i would suggest the sony head unit as your first mod!

One more off the mod list.............another £1500 to go :-( !!!!

PS Added pics of the old head unit.On gumtree for £70 but will accept offers and rather sell it to someone local on here.post-61506-0-04966200-1436903753_thumb.j

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If that was silver I would have been tempted... But no. You have sold me on the Sony. I am sticking that on my list now, at the top. Nice one.

Sent via the 'Clacks'


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