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Anyone Know What Kind Of Engine Heater Is This?


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Does anyone know what kind of engine preheater is this:




Since I found this part in a Scandinavian scrap yard, perhaps it's the kind of engine preheater they plug in in the wall AC socket during the night...?

There's a lot of them and they're not so expensive. The only information written on it says TYP: M5T426. I tried searching for more info on that part number but had no luck. It's connector has three pins.

Based on its looks I would say it's some kind of a classic water heater (coolant heater in this case), but I would like to know more about how and where it is installed and how it's connected.


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I put the VIN off the car on the listing and found this on Microcat:


looks like its one of many parts to get the winter engine block cooling to retrofit to your car.

the part number is also there, the FINIS code is 1369634

JW1982 may be able to help as he has retrofitted the AUX heater unit to his MK2 focus so he may also know about the engine pre-heater

Hope this helps

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OK, thanks a lot. From the Microcat screenshot you posted it is visible that it's supposed to plugged-in in the mains socket.

I will try to find one coming from a 1.6 tdci, to see if they were ever fitted with this kind of preheater.

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I have found one pre-heather from a 1.6 tdci engine (VIN WF0PXXGCDP9C68428 ), but it looks slightly different and the part number is TYP M4T 459.

Link: http://en.bildelsbasen.se/145-W1205619.html

I also noticed that it's rated 400W, and the 1.8 gasoline, ethanol and flexifuel version is rated 550W.

Next question is where to fit it in the engine block itself?

We'll see, maybe someone on the forums has it fitted.

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