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Mk4 Idles Fine But Stalls When Revved


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Hi, I'm almost at my wits end with my mk4 1999.

Few weeks ago car started running like a pig, stalling then refusal to start.

Changed coil pack and leads, no change so got hold of replacement ECU. Car now starts and idles perfectly but as soon as its revved it starts spluttering and cuts out.

The car only has 50,000mls and I've taken good care of her.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This has both stumped myself and my mechanic.

Thanks for reading my post,


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Done the dash board check. Pushing in the mileage reset button. Showed codes 0115 dtc & 9318dtc.

Anyone got any ideas what this could mean.

Thanks again for taking time to view this.

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