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Clutch Change Problem

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Hi all,

This is my first post on the forum, I have a wee problem, Its my daughters car a 2007 1.3i Ka and I reckon the clutch slave cylinder is faulty as 1st and reverse gears are difficult to engage.

I have got a new clutch and slave cylinder and am currently in thee process of trying to drop the gear box out, both wheels are off lower suspension arms and track rod ends removed from hub and drive shafts removed from gear box. I have removed all the bolts from the bellhousing and removed the gear box mounts front and back but the bellhousing wont come away from the engine. I`ve checked and double checked that all the bolts are removed and cant see any other bolts still fastened

I`ve removed 2 bolts at the top 2 at the bottom, one at the front of the gear box and 3 at the back but the housing just wont part, Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Starter motor has been removed already, Since i posted earlier I found 2 more bolts at the back of the box which have been removed, There now is a gap appearing between box and engine but its not wiggling free, the engine mounts have not been touched, do any of them need to be removed or slackened?

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