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Cd Slot Phone Holder - Not Brodit!

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Hi guys,

I have done some searching of the forums before starting a thread and Brodit is the name that springs up a lot when looking at a decent phone holder. I agree, their holders look pretty impressive, but I don't use a holder anywhere near enough to justify spending £40 on one. Similarly, I don't want to spend £5 on eBay 10 times to find I could have bought a Brodit after all. We know the conundrum.

On my search, I've come across this:

The first review shows it fitting nicely in a Fiesta CD slot, which is kind of ironic, but also helpful to see. There are other makes of them around, but this is the first highly reviewed one I came across.

A holder like this ticks boxes for me; I'm after a holder for the centre of the car (better accessibility, plus it could be accessed by a passenger) and doesn't involve using air vents (I just don't trust those). I don't use the CD player on my stereo at all, and so this seems an obvious solution.

Has anyone had any experience of these CD slot phone holders or can perhaps recommend other alternatives to consider? My phone is an LG G3, plus a slim case.


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Brought 2 CD phone holders off of ebay a while ago one for my wife's mk6 fez and one for my old C3. Fitted the Fiesta fine and wife was dead happy with it, the one in my C3 needed a bit of, double sided tape to stop it sliding out and also obstructed the way I changed gear. Won't use it in my mk7 prefer a screen mount.

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