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I have recently had the joy of losing my service history booklet and coming to buy i new one i thought would be simple as all of my services had been from ford and so i thought it would be simple to just stamp the new booklet as all of the services would have been on their 'system'. However, this 'system' doesnt exist and so they told me that i'd have to go back to each garage to get it stamped where it was serviced.

This is where my problem is, i bought my car second hand and dont know where it was first serviced, (only been serviced twice) and so i cant seem to get my first stamp in the new booklet. Is there any way i can find this information out? i have looked on ford etis with no joy.

Help please....

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Do you have any paperwork that may indicate the original supplying dealer, are the plates the originals or have they been re-done?

Otherwise you might just have to phone round all the dealers from the area your car was first registered.

In theory Ford could tell you the original supplying dealer as they may have been the ones to service it, but getting the info out of them will probably like getting blood from a stone - be quicker to phone all the dealers, lol.

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