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Ka 2005 1.3 Loss Of Power


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hello, i have had a problem with my Ka and have had RAC come out multiple times they have changed the coil pack, ignition leads and spark plugs i have also changed the 3 cylinder fuel injector to try and fix the problem of my car wants to constantly stall itself, there is no power what so ever unless i rev the !Removed! !Removed! off it. whats causing this problem and what can i do?

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air flow or fuel flow maybe the problem. check the breather on the fuel cap if it has one as sometimes they create a vaccume. check the idol control valve is working correctly by removing & cleaning with a good cleaner like wd40 .

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Sounds like a fuel blockage - fuel filter , fuel pump.

Park it on a level dry ground - start it and leave it running for 5 mmutes then switch it off leave another 5 mins and check for any leaks.

Fuel pipe leaks can cause this.

Also Map sensor and Lambda primary sensor can cause nasty stalling - I know i had one and my obd tester pinpointed it within 5 seconds of plugging it in and it was the lambda sensor on the exhaust manifold.

Del boy also has good points as always.

Symptom of bad icv is revving the engine and the rev counter not returning to its base point.

Nice one on the breather Del hadnt thought of that one!

I am really surprised that companies just swap things out these days when you can buy a set of illuminated testers which you plug onto your spark plugs and this can tell you whether your ignition leads and coil are ok - costs less than a tenner.

Then there is probably the best piece of advice i can give anyone and thats to get a hand held OBD tester from eBay £20 - It has saved me literally hundreds of pounds and really is essential in computer controlled vehicles these days - the old days of manual mechanics are over (sadly).

If you want to fiddle with the ecu and change radio codes and do some serious modding i recommend a laptop version and the required software - its harder to use but its what all the crims use to change mileage and the performance nuts use to make the engine give more bhp - I have all the software on my laptop but i prefer to use the handheld version for a quick check first and it hasnt let me down - i havent had to use the laptop for anything more than tuning my other cars. Nice piece of free software specifically for Fords - you can also use it on Android or iPhone with a bluetooth obd dongle is FORScanSetup2.2.8.beta.

Ebay Streetka Faults 20141024 002 (2)

Ebay Streetka Faults 20141024 002 (1)

ObdII D900 Streetka Scans Info (4)

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