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Its an iPhone - nnnnnnnooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Get a Nokia.



Just say "end call" OR "Cancel".

I didnt know Ford Sync was available for the Ka?

My old dear has it on her Fiesta and its pretty impressive although being an old dear she hasnt a clue how to use it!

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Direct commands
To shorten the dialogue, you can use the following direct voice commands, among others, after pressing the
VOICE button (MODE button):
Use the command “Cancel“ or press the VOICE button (MODE button) to end the dialogue at any time.
By pressing the VOICE button (MODE button) again, you can start up a new voice dialogue.
When entering a phone number, use the command “Correction“ to delete the last block of digits you entered.
The system will repeat the blocks it has understood up till then. Then you can continue your entry at that point.
Please familiarize yourself further with your voice control system. After just a few steps you will discover how
much fun it can be! For more details on voice control, see your Ford driver’s manual.
“Dial number“
“Dial name“
“Store name“
“Delete name“
“Play directory“
“Delete directory“
“Auto mode“
“Defrosting on“
“Demisting on“
“Defrosting off“
“Demisting off“

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Ending a call
Calls can be ended by either:
• Pressing the ‘REJECT’ button
• Using the ‘REJECT’ icon on the
• Pressing the ‘MODE’ button on the
remote control.
• Pressing the ‘POWER OFF’ button
on the audio/navigation system.

The reject button should be the red coloured phone symbol on the steering columnremote control.

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