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Engine Light On Sportka


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Hi Guys,

i bought a 2007 sportka about 10 days ago 55k on clock looked clean and tidy in good nick but im no mechanic. after a few days the engine management light came on but didn't effect performance so i carried on driving it for a few days then temp warning light came on a couple days after that so i pulled in waiting for it cool down and checked the coolant which was low so topped it up and same thing happened about 3 days later so took it to garage and they replaced some plastic housing to fix the leek and plugging it in showed the engine light was due to the lambda sensor needing changing so i did that then about 10 miles of driving the light has come back on again?

anyone got any ideas about this i guess ill ring garage in morning and take it back for another check but this seems pretty strange

also the handling is not great the steering wheel doesnt come back to centre seems to get stuck along with drifting to the right and anytime i hit a bump it knocks the car off course slightly

so basically ive bought a shed by not getting someone to check it out properly. if anyone has any ideas about what could be wrong id appreciate it


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engine management light can mean anything so garage to get the to sort it if you can yorself. the steeing is due to wear

on the suspension so that needs looking at asap as you said it pulls and is horrible to drive. sounds lie lower suspension arm and track rod ends

need doing

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Get yourself an obd diagnostic tool from eBay £20 for a handheld one or you can use your smartphone and use a bluetooth one for £5.

Has saved me hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the years!

Invaluable for anyone who owns a car with an Onboard Diagnostics Socket!

ObdII D900 Streetka Scans Info (4)

Your faults sound exactly the same as mine when i bought my shed last year - lambda sensor was the first MIL error!

As for the suspensions i had worn bushes its a common issue with the Sportka/Streetka range and a tap in to fix yourself if you know what you are doing.

Nearside & Offside Rear Macpherson Strut Has Slight Movement At The Upper Attachment.

Offside Rear Trailing Arm Rubber Bush Deteriorated But Not Resulting In Excessive Movement.

Depends what you paid - I paid £800 for mine 2004 65k miles so it was reasonably cheap and its cost me less than a tun to fix everything up myself with the help of eBay!

You still have the random alarm going off issue and water in the footwells , water ingress to the lights and numerous other issues that affect these pregnant skateboards to come!



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jamie if your confident to do the work yourself it will save you a fortune. let us know if you want to diy and we can tell you what you need to do the job and advise you .if the weather is crap then you need to park in a garage to do it really not kirbside.if you feel you cant do it or dont want to do it then ask what a garage will charge. i recon each side ie wishbone etc will cost between 30 - 1 hours labour so count for say 2 hours labour then the parts ontop. if your taking to a small local garage ask them what the parts will cost inc vat and then go online and compare the price and supply them to parts to fit ?

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