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Sound System Manual For Ka Mk2 (2009)


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Hi. Has anyone any idea where I can get a manual for the sound system installed in a Ford Ka 2009 model. Just bought secondhand; I assume the system is default factory fit, but there is no manual. With thanks. (Can only download Owners Guide from Ford site; no info in there about sound system, implies there's a separate manual for it.)

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A manual might help with the following queries (or perhaps you could enlighten me):

Menu: what are SVC HIGH, EXT VOL, IGN TIME, DEFAULT options?

Audio: what are PRESET, LD OFF options?

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What is the model - its on top of the head unit so you will need to pull it out?

Usually a 6000M model but from what you are saying this sounds like a custom radio as I havent seen these.

Preset - radio preset

LD Off - Loudness Off

IGN Tim - Ignition On Time setting

Ext Vol - External Speaker Volume / headphones

Default - default settings in original install

SVC = Speed volume control - It will turn the volume up as you go faster.

Why didnt you just google the acronyms - its all on the net?

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Hi Omendata, thanks for your help.

Google it? I thought I might do better by asking on a specialist Ka owners forum.

How do I remove the head unit, please? (I don't have a manual). Here's a photo:


What do the following mean/do, please?

Radio Preset

Loudness Off

Ignition On Time

With thanks.

You can see why I was hoping someone might be able to provide me with (a link to) a manual. Then I wouldn't have to bother the forum with individual queries.

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