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Sportka Front Panel


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Hi im Ash, im new here

Ive just brought a 2004 SportKA, it has some minor accident damage which has started to be repaired but the guy i got it from decided to give up and sell as his wife no longer wanted the car. From what i can see it needs a new front 'slam' panel and a headlight. So my questions are,

- Is it a nightmare job to replace the slam panel, will i need any specialist tools ( im a diesel fitter, so i have a limited tool kit), is there any welding required?

- Will a slam panel and headlights from a standard KA fit my Sport KA?

- Finally, is there a Haynes manual / workshop manual for the SportKA, had a look online but cant seem to find anything?

On a separate note, couldnt be happier with my purchase, i get fun little car while the wife sticks with the bring family car...bingo. B roads have just become very intresting.


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You have just bought yourself a pregnant rollerskate that will give you years of troubled motoring.
Seriously I wish I hadnt bought mine now.
If I had known how many faults they have i wouldnt have bothered.
I dont think you will need any welding gear is plug and play.
Check previous posts on here to see what you might be in for in future.
I would get an OBD diagnostic device from ebay £20 - it will save you hours of hair tearing.
In order of faults I have encountered and most of them are quite common:-
Car would judder and intermittently slow - OBD solved it - Lambda sensor 2 Replacement.
Door handles stick and break if you try and force them.
Sunroof leaks.
Door seals leak around the top of the windows and under dashboard - usually above the pedals or ac pipes leaving pools of water in both footwells.
Tyres wear quickly
Boot alarm goes off randomly caused by faulty switch in the boot / hood compartment
Heater temperature control valve fails causing real grief
Check the fuel filter - it comes off , rusts like a real yin and rattles around at the back and has a nasty habit of leaking , leading to poor fuel consumption
Suspension is keech! - bushes , suspension joints seem to wear quickly etc
On the plus side they dont rust and can withstand a hefty knock and the body bounces back without a scratch

Have a look here:-


Apparently even the wrong type of battery can cause problems!

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