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Problem With Sync Iphone


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Hi All

I have just purchased my Ka . iPhone with bluetooth wouldn't pair tried memory stick in aux that didn't work. Took car back to garage, they have sent it a ford garage , who say that something has seized up and they have had to take front seat and rear seat out to get into the module I think it was in the boot .Can anybody tell me what they mean and give me some info so as I can make sense of it please .I don't have a book for it as they have had to order one from ford .

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They have used an onboard diagnostic and found a problem probably with a ccu which will probably control radio and computer functions.

Not being an expert in Ka computer without more info hard to tell.

I wouldnt be happy with a new car having to be fixed like this - if it has one fault like this you could be in for a nightmare.

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I have just made a further call and it seems it is the handsfree module that is not functioning. I also forgot to say the USB factory fitted unit does not work either This does not display through radio but I believe on the screen where the clocks are . it is a ford fitted pre delivery handsfree system and still in warranty as car is not 3 year old yet I put the VIN number into the ford site to get audio details and it tells you about how to pair etc which I tried . Is that to do with ccu ?The handsfree module I am meaning

They reckon its going to cost them around £350 as new part has to be ordered and it could be up to a week. They have given me the number of the guy who is doing it so I will give him a call asap

What do you mean by you wouldn't be happy and it being a start of a nightmare ? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated .

I always take my cars to the same qualified person for servicing regularly. This being new to me I have only drove a couple of days. so not even had time to get it checked over by this engineer .

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I thought it was a new car hence a nightmare having paid full price for a new car then ending up with a fault in the first week isnt good but if its 3 years old , well need more info.

You said you bought it from a dealer - i presume its not a ford dealer as they should have made sure everything was working or at least allowed you to test everything before you bought it - I always advise anyone to take a handheld obd tester with them when they go to buy a second hand car - its hard enough without one!

£350 they are having a laugh!

You will have to provide more info - model , make , year , version ie lux , sport etc

Radio model number!

Handsfree kit - Is it a Parrott? Or Pioneer MVH350BT? Or?????

Not much info to go on so cant help unless you are more specific!

If its an addon then it wont be part of the cars main ccu!

What do you mean by usb factory fitted - you are confusing me - It sounds like its an addon yet you tell me its factory fitted?

Pairing could be to do with your bluetooth if its not compatible - unlikely but I have seen it happen as there are various revisions of bluetooth v1.0,1.1 etc
Have you tried with another phone - borrow one from a neighbour!

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