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Ford Ka 1.3 Endura - No Spark


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Hello guys,

I have a 2001 Y reg ford KA 1.3 endura.

The car cranks but wont start.

If you turn the ignition, you hear the fuel pump prime, but the car just cranks - doesnt attempt to fire.

This happened after i topped up the coolant, i split some on the battery busbar - but proceeded to clean. It was hardly a drop. The car then wouldn't start.

I checked the main battery fuses, all okay; i also dropped the fusebox inside the car and checked all fuses - all okay. All of the relays seem okay (i dont know how to check them, but visually they look ok).

I have removed a spark plug, grounded on the side of the engine, and cranked the engine, but i get no spark.

Ive changed the crank sensor for a new one, and ive also changed the coil pack for a new one.

I now have no idea what could be the issue?

Any ideas anyone?

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I have not changed them, but i tried a spark plug in each of the 4 and not one of them has a spark.

Im wondering if a specific relay has gone or something?

Seems like a coincidence that i split some coolant and now it wont fire?

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No nothing at all. All the large 80 and 60amp fuse appear okay, they've not blown. The imob works fine, goes out when ignition is on etc, everything else in the car works perfect - just no spark!

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This was resolved. I used a generic obd2 wireless device with Android torque pro app.

I checked a graph for "Engine speed". When i cranked the car, this sensor still displayed 0rpm. This meant that the ECU was not getting a signal from the crank sensor.

I put a multimeter across the crank sensor and measured 380 ohms; which was correct.

I then removed the ecu (had to drill 3 steel rivets and bend a metal cage to release ecu). I then checked resistance continuity from crank sensor wires to ecu connector - only 1 wire was getting back to the ECU. So i had to trace wires back and found some corrosion and plugs were not connecting properly.

Im my case, i had to replace crank sensor and some wiring back to ecu.

Car now fires okay and runs perfect!

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