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DAB Aerial


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Hi all,

Having issues with my DAB tuner and am fairly sure it's the aerial.

In my last 2 cars and my current focus I have used the windscreen film type aerial, but am beginning to think these aren't that good.

I have seen the splitter you can get that converts the existing roof aerial (see below) and was wondering if these work any better?



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Not sure if the Mk1.5 has the same glazing as the Mk2/Mk2.5; but I would've thought that the film on the glazing that blocks the gps signal, also would block the DAB signal or at least hamper it.  Where did you mount your internal aerial?  In the strip above the mirror that's supposed to be film free?

The splitter would certainly be an improvement, in theory at least

However, Ford do have a dedicated external DAB aerial with uprated cabling from your stereo/headunit, available as kit, it is of course pricier than the splitter!



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Cheers for the reply. I have mounted the film one along the passenger side A pillar. The problem with the ford one is I think that for oem dab radios, so has the wrong connector for my Sony.

Thing is its has been working fine up until a last week, I just don't think they're that robust. Mate of mine had the same issues.

That's why I'm thinking the splitter would be better, as long as they actually do the job!

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Been doing a bit of reading and apparently these splitters can result in large signal losses. Also the aerial on the roof might not be 'tuned' to receive a strong dab signal.

Most of my driving is country roads in Cheshire or around north Wales so I need to get whatever signal I can.

No really sure what's best now :(

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I bought my 09 plate Mondeo 2.0TDCi 140 Titanium X hatch back in October and since I got the car the quality of the DAB reception has gradually got worse.

Prior to this car I'd not had DAB so initially thought that occasional signal loss was to be expected.

However, this week there is more silence in my car than the sound of Radio 2.

Does anyone know what the fix might be please?

Many thanks, Rex

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I went for another Halfords film aerial. Found the receipt for the original and exchanged it at no cost. I thought even if this one only lasts 3 months I'm still no worse off!

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