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advice on buying a street KA


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I'm thinking of buying a street KA for my daughter...  can anyone give me any advice on what to look for with these cars ?  I.e are they worth looking at or should I stay well clear.


Cheers ste 

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Stay well clear unless you have big pockets - I bought one Sept 2014 and its been month after month of issues - I am a good mechanic so its probably cost me less than a £100 - if had to go to a garage it would probably be in excess of £1500 so far!

Check the forum you will see the list of possible faults.

From water ingress into the footwells because of sunroof , window seals leaks of all manners and hellish to pinpoint.

Alarm going off randomly due to faulty boot switch

Sunroof window panel cracks if old and not handled carefully

Lambda sensor premature failure

Excessive wear on tyres and suspension

Heater thermostat failure

Terrible fuel consumption and high tax is probably the one you will notice the most!!!

My girflriend bought a Toyota Yaris a year before i bought mine and its been rock solid - no problems whatsoever so i would say go Japanese you cant beat em!

Ford Fiesta seems to be rather good too!


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