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Ka Mk2 Style+ 2009 Specifications


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Considering buying a Ka Mk 2 Style + 2009, and want to shop around for insurance quote.

Been horrified by recent stories in the media of insurers refusing to pay out on claims because of undeclared mods to standard specs, and want to avoid any issues. I understand this might be a real problem on a Ka, because as well as the standard trim levels, there are so many options one can add.

It's also a problem with any secondhand car that's had a few owners, who might have made changes; how can I possibly know whether what I might buy is still standard.

Can anyone give me a link to a site where I can get an authorative list of the standard trim, and factory-fit options that could be added before first purchase, so I can be aware of anything that must be declared (with particular reference to anything that must be an after-market/third party add-on)?

Hope someone here can help, and thanks in advance if you can.


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I have found this link, to the standard trim, but it doesn't seem entirely accurate: http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/ford/ka/hatchback/equipment/

Some of the things listed eg full size spare wheel, don't seem standard spec (according to owners manual downloaded from Ford website).

In any case, it doesn't cover optional extras which might be factory fitted at new. Or have I got this wrong, about there being lots of possible options?




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