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Armrest possible strretka?


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Hi all.

just acquired a ford streetka 06, just wondering, if anyone has actually been able to put in a armrest. i would like to add this but not sure where to start.

any ideas


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Yeah ive just removed both seats and replaced the lot with a nice full leather DFS Sofa complete with large comfy armrests , in built man fridge , massage seats and recliner!!!

Dunno if it will pass the mot though!


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It passed the MOT wow!!!

Well if Edd China can build a road legal motorised DFS sofa so can I!

Yes possible but you will need to mod the chair - Alternatively you can buy ones or mod an old Rover 800 cassette centre console box and use it as a combo armrest - cd/tape case.

Best idea is to go to a scrappie and have a good gander at the centre consoles and armrests but you will have to do the mods possible welding yourself!

If you dont fancy a scrappie have you seen these?


I think I found exactly what you are looking for - Quite tasty actually!

Dual level arm rest specifically for streetka!



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thank you

I've seen the arm rest just not sure on how to mount it.

that's where my big problem comes in, i wouldn't even know where to start.....

ford streetka doesn't have any mounting holes between

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Email the guys at autovillage then and ask!

I think that one just slides into the gap!

The other one bolts to the seat mounts - ie you remove the seat bolts - fit it on top then screw the bolts back on.

Id oubt you would have to drill holes and ream them in the floorpan!
I would rather weld than drill myself!


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may i ask, i brought some aftermarket rear parking sensors, and would like to install on the weekend if the weather is good.

any recommendation on where about to install them and would i have to the take the bumper off to drill the holes.

again thank you for your kind advice.

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Should not be difficult to drill the holes then feed the wire in without removing the bumper - just remember to measure twice and drill once!


Personally those sensors are a good choice as the visitbility on the Pregnant Skateboard is terrible.

Rear window is bad but sides are worse - the blind spot on a streetka is horrendous - the worst ive ever encountered.

I had a bump only a month after buying mine due to the blind spot on the passenger side nothing in the rear window , noting in the side mirror , nothing out the window then bump my first accident in 20 years! Pregnant Skateboards you are in for a rollercoaster ride of constant repairs and accidents - maybe you should just save yourself the hassle and drive it over the edge of a cliff! lol


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Now come on, it's seem like a nice drive, just need to be extra cautious when turning or changing lanes, and possible get some blind spot mirrors.


Any recommendations on where to install the parking sensors

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That's what I had thought as well, after looking at some pictures of other streetka. 


Will post some pics after the weekend when completed. 



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thanks for the pic as reference.

thinking may put 2 sensors above on either side of number plate, and other 2 in lower bumber under the lights then attach wires alongside the reverse light wire through the groumet back into the boot.

see pic something like this, may work init?


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Yeah looks good.

Bad day today that well known old door handleproblem on the Ka range - just experienced it today.
Didnt even pull the handle hard either!

Such bad design on these Pregnant Skateboards!
And still a swimming pool in the passenger side - still cant figure out how its getting in!!!!



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Yeah did a hosepipe test today thought it was the window seals and sunroof but no leaks its coming in from the front scuttle as the pedal pads on both sides are wet!

Fixed the drivers side and now the passengers side is worse.


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