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Lambda Sensor??


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Checked my ecu for any error messages.

Come across this one.

P0030 - powertrain (H02S heater control sensor bank 1 sensor 1)

Bit google searching I've think its lamda sensor.

Just want to know if I'm correct, which sensor is it. Google says there is 2.

How easy is it to change myself.

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Just changed my lambda sensor only MK3 focus. Be warned its not a cheap part, cost me £197 for a ford one and that was with a trade discount. Fairly easy to do. If you can get an OEM it will work out a fair bit cheaper.

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i usually go scrapyard for parts like this if car is older than 8 yrs or oem but price the part up with fords fist to

get an idea  what prices are

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Its on the top of the exhaust manifold at the back of the engine.
Only tricky bit is getting the old one out if you dont have the right tool - I just snapped the top off and then used box spanner to get it out!
Just be careful not to drop broken bits down the hole or it could feck the cat!

Delboy is right scrappies are the best bet for old heaps!
I got a new one from eBay for £15 - it can cause nasty fuel consumption problems and hesitation!


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I doubt it - i tried all manner of extensions and spanners , box spanners - eventually had to snap the top off.

Proper tool on eBay or amazon costs a fortune for a half hour job - bear in mind when you get the lambda sensor if it was like mine (check before you buy) and didnt have the circuit end attached you will have to cut - solder (dont crimp or connect) the old wires and the new ones and heatshrink it as bad wiring can be detrimental to the working of the sensor!

Better to buy the full sensor with circuit connector attached - costs a bit more but its worth it if you arent good with a soldering iron!


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Good find the one i saw was £15 but it was an all in one tool.

Should be a tap in (or tap out - pardon the pun) with the right tool!

You will probably only use it once in the lifetime so not a buy for me i already have a garage full of tools and stuff i will never use.
Anyone want to buy a WWII Wermacht Flammenwerfer , Electric Chainsaw, Lotus Excel Eclat or a Dutton Phaeton S3 needing a rebuild lol
Sorry the Opel Manta S isnt for sale she is my baby!
But you can have the Streetka for free - I will even pay you to take it away!


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Put in the petrol and I will come and take the streetka

I just want to clarify though the lambda sensor that may need changing is the near the exhaust manifold (see picture) and not the one on top of the engine.

Ho2s Bank1 sensor 1 code p0030

Don't want to change the wrong one.

But if it is this one, that its gona be a mission to takeout from the top, and getting underneath abit of a mission when your big. Any suggestions?



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