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Mk6 bump strips


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Hi, I'm wanting to make the bump strips and door handles on my mk6 the same colour as the rest of the car. They are standard black ones at the moment but they look really nice painted so I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to do this? Could i just buy some already painted the same colour as my car? Any help would be appreciated, thanks 


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If by bump strips you mean the trim on the sides that is attached to the vehicle by an adhesive if im not mistaken. You could peel them off, paint them then put them back on. Thats something you should possibly look into. Or even the good old masking tape around it :) As for the door handles Im guessing you can remove them not sure how. Possibly screwed in behind the door card. Or again lots of tape and newspaper. Will have a look at my MK6 tomorrow and will let you know how its all held together.

Good luck with the mod



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Door handles are easy to remove. Undo the torqs screw on the inside of the door (in the shut) and then pull on the handle. Slide out the little Cap on the end and the handle should just slide out afterwards (not the best instructions but it becomes obvious anyway)

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