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Spacers - front and back ?

Ford Fiesta Black Edition

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hello there

So my plan is to lower my black edition by either 35 or 45mm still thinking about that but im kinda stuck now, cause im not sure if i should get only spacers in the back or go all around? what are your thougts about that and also is 24mm spacers too much http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-MK7-2008-Onwards-4x108-24mm-Hubcentric-Wheel-Spacers-1-Pair-/251790108066?hash=item3a9fdc25a2:g:pjIAAOSwzrxUs6AD

this is how it looks as standard right now.

ford-fiesta-black-edition (2).jpg

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24mm would look ridiculous, 10 or 15mm would be perfect, would recommend sticking to a known brand with them vs the eBay stuff as well, could end up with wobbly wheels. 

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okay, thanks for the answer 

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Interested in seeing this! I've always thought that these fiesta could do with a little more poke, should look great. Let us know how it goes Ghassan :wink:

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sorry for the delay but here are some pics with 15mm spacers in the back and 35mm lowered i got pics with 16" winter tyres and pics with 17" summer tyres aswell 







IMG_20160507_153646 (1).jpg






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