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Driver side break light not working

jamie blakeley

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Today i was told that only one of my side break lights works and i dont know what has caused this as when i press turn on the lights the bulb still functions but the driver side break light wont work passenger side is fine as well as the top brake light 


any suggestions please help

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It has two elements in it so that when you turn the lights on one of the elements lights up. If the other element has blown then when you press the brake peddle the second element obviously won't light up hence the bulb works as a light but not as a brake light. You require a new tail light bulb.

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Its either a blown filament within the bulb meaning that only the 'side light' part of the brake light works, the other option is what I had where there was an issue with the contacts within the socket (which are spring loaded) and the contact at the bottom of the bulb. With my issue I found that if I braked the whole brake light went out - fixed by replacing it with a new bulb.

I would also suggest getting one of the universal bulb kits whilst you are at it - you should have H4 headlights so look for those kits, useful to keep in the car.

To remove the light unit you just need to undo the 2 torx screws on the inner edge of the light unit and then gently tug - there are 2 locating clips, just be careful you don't pull it too far as the bulbs are still connected in the back, twist the bulb holder to remove it from the unit.

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