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Hello my name is Lee.
This time last year I purchased my 2008 1.4 Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue.

The car has almost 104,000 miles on the clock (almost 10,000 done by myself).

In December I noticed a strange knocking sound that seemed to be coming from the engine bay, it would come and go, until we reached February and it has been doing it since.

The noise occurs when decelerating more so/louder at low RPM and when it is cold; it also appears to fall in line with the RPM of the car as to how fast the noise repeats a nd does not happen when Brakes are applied or when idle.

I also now have a ticking sound when accelerating, although I have been told by the garage that deals with my car that that is normal at it's age.

The garage also recommended I had the front driveshafts replaced as there was play in them and could of been the reason for the noise, however after having this done, it still happens.

The car has had a full service and has also passed its MOT.

I'm not really sure what to do and was hoping someone would have either experienced this, or have a solution, I am happy to answer any questions to try and help resolve this issue.


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