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Seatbelt replacement, help.


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My dog has chewed my rear near side seatbelt and my mot is coming up so I need it replacing. I've been told I will need a new seatbelt and the part the belt clips into as a new seatbelt might not fit into the current buckle. I have rang around over 15 of the closest Scrapyard's and can't find any mk7 fiestas. Does anyone know if the mk6 seatbelt uses the same sort of fixings so that I could get a belt from an mk6 and put that in? 

I'm not paying £91 for the part new from ford when ive had people in the back about 3 times since I got the car a year ago so I'm desperate to get it sorted cheaply.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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I thought simply buying a mk7 seatbelt would be fine but someone told me that it may not fit into my current buckle. I thought it was a bit strange that it wouldnt as surely the belts are mass manufactured so they would all be the same shape to fit into the same buckle. I'll get the belt ordered now thanks for your help. 

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