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'13 Fiesta power ports not working


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Hi all.

New to the forum, and had to sign up as I'm out of options. I just bought a 2013 Ford Fiesta SE from a dealership in Oregon, and it seems that none of the power ports are functional (neither 12v/cigarette lighter, nor the USB). I've looked at fuses, and none are blown. However, my phone doesn't charge when connected to the USB port (and Sync says nothing is connected), and someone else tried plugging in a 12v phone charger, and nothing worked there either. Anyone got any suggestions as to where I need to look to try troubleshooting?

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The voice button works, and the Sync module responds. That's how I tried the USB connection (pushed the button, said "USB", got the reply "no device connected, line in") with a cord plugged in. Not sure about the lights - I'll check that during my lunch break. As for the fuses, is there a diagram for them anywhere? I didn't get a users manual with the car when I bought it...

Edit - yup, interior lights are on when the doors open.

Second edit - I think I found a diagram that matched the layout of my fuses, and I don't have a fuse in 29 or 30 (blade fuses). The list of fuses marks them as "unused", and the front cigarette lighter is marked on the list as F33 (j fuse), and that is not blown. Should I try putting something in 29 and 30? If so, what size?

Here's a link to the page that had the fuse diagram I used... 

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ah, looks like your fuse layout is different to the uk version, you may have to ask a us forum for help then, all the wiring diagrams i can see are for uk and europe.

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