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Mondeo 1.8 MK3 Clicking noise from engine


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Hi there, recently bought 2001 Mondeo 1.8 Petrol, we noticed this problem on the test drive, we adjusted price for this issue and now i want to resolve it. I liked the car overall thats why i took it with this problem. I did full service ( oil, filters, sparks... )

So i have this clicking sound from engine, its not intake issue as that is in front of the engine, this sound is coming from engine itself. It starts around 3000rpm mostly you can hear it when maintaining speed and sometimes slowing down. In town driving its hardly noticeable but on highway it is because 3000rpm is around 120kmh and clicking is almost constant at that speeds...

One mechanist said it is crankshaft bearings but i really dont have any clue about it. He told me that its hard to fix because engine block is aluminium... Has any one else come across this problem Any input would be welcome as the car drives spot on but just noisy. Many thanks 

I made this 2 videos and hopefully you could hear the issue:



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Doesn't sound like crankshaft bearings to me and the mechanic saying the engine block being aluminium would make it hard to fix sounds more like 'I can't be bothered'

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timing chain by the sound of your clip.chain tensioner making chain loose and this slaps againt cam cover, get someone to rev it until you get noise and feel the top of cam cover on the far left, you might feel it clattering to cover.

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I just went out to test it again, it is coming from left side of the engine where the belt/chain is, if i remove engine top cover will i be able to see this? I and i guess i will need new seal for that...

Here is new video that i just made, im sure its coming from left side.


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