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I need advise on changing rear hub bearings

the goat

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Hi folks

just got my lad a Mk5 07plate 1.2 fiesta, Rear drums,  got it at the auction looks good condition other than the rear hub bearings sound shot, I've got a copy of Ford etis software and it picture of drifts to knock out and push in bearings, can you do it by using drifts, other posts I've read say it needs to be pressed in/out, I was thinking about trying to make a "hogg robinson" kind of thing using a Bottle jack to push them out/in any suggestions, not tried the local garages but normally they want to do all the work rather than just pressing out/in the bearings

read that sometimes not much dearer to buy complete hub rather than just bearings ?

I'm going out there to test then remove the hub's and take a look at the bearing, so does anyone have any tips or suggestions


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