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Problem with Ford Fiesta mk6 tachometer gauge


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Dear  Friends 


Could you help me ?

I have Ford Fiesta 1.3 engine 2005 year production .  

First of all want to ask you one question :

Yearly morning when I am starting engine sometimes it is difficult to start and need several times press accelerator to help engine to start .

After several try when engine start , arrow on tachometer gauge directly jump and stay between 2000 and 3000 RPM , himself rising up and drop duwn .

After 5-10 minute later when engine worm up he is returning to neutral position but if before arrow was on 0.8-0.9 RPM now all time arrow standing  on 1.1-1.2 RPM

Of course consumption of petrol increased . there is bulb on “Check Engine “ and last time when I checked of computer diastolic show what need to “clean drosel “ Which I cleaned by spatial liquids .

Some mechanics give recommendation and i bought Air Controller valve , but still i have same problems.

Could you give me recommendation what it could be a reason of that and if you have parts to repair car ?  

Thanks in forward . Waiting for your replay

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Dear Friends . 

I discover where from was coming problem .


when i remove  mostly all parts of  from engine and changing all parts for testing  , finally reached reason of that problem .

Temperature sensor on fiesta is making that problems. in case if future you will meet same symptoms and problems first try to change temperature sensor .

Good luck all .



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