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Fiesta mk 7.5 2013 sync module upgrade.


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From what I believe the sync software in the 2013 and some early 2014 models can't be updated. So we dont have app link and when I use Siri on my iPhone 6s when plugged into usb, it dials my mobile number so there is a compatibility issue there too. 

I only just bought the car with 9000 miles ex mobility so I went to the dealer (evens halshaw) to ask about a software upgrade before doing my research

He offerd to upgrade the sync module for £92...

now does this mean he will upgrade the actual physical sync hardware to the slightly newer upgradable version or was he confusing his own words and meaning a software update (that can't be done) 

I thought he meant the software @ £92 but again, with a bit research you can remove the physical sync module. 

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does anybody know if it is possible to upgrade the hardware to sync v2 as that would give you the touch screen capability. the app link is not very good in my opinion due to lack of compatible apps with spotify being the only one i use.

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Spotify for me works over bluetooth anyway and usable with the steering wheel controls. Just no voice commands. 

Im just wanting Siri to work and have the ability for the software to read iMessages and texts currently it Doesn't work. 

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