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Reverse Gear


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Might be something of nothing but I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Fiesta 100ps ecoboost in blue, it had only 7,000 on the clock.

Now I'm not sure if it is just me getting used to the car or a potential problem,but getting it into reverse is temperamental.

Sometimes it goes first time, other times it makes that horrible squealing noise. Is it like this was a fault or something I just need to adjust to?


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I have had a few Fiestas over the years and have always had difficulty selecting reverse gear, I should not worry about your problem, every morning when I have to reverse out of my garage I just have to make sure that it is engaged properly otherwise I get a grating sound.

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its on going because thats the way they are, theres no sychromesh on reverse so the b5/ib5 will allways be like that, there was a slight9 improvement in 2010 when a modified 5th gear synchro clutch slowed down the input shaft while engaging reverse.

it basicaly is a box designed 34yrs ago,

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Non-synchro'd reverse is so annoying, I usually just crunch them in as I'm an impatient bugger! :laugh: 

Fortunately the Focus is synchro'd but still doesn't like reverse from a standstill, I find lifting the clutch slightly while pulling the knob slips it in with minimal effort though.

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