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induction kit/ air filter upgrade


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hi there, I have a 2014 fiesta 1.25l and am looking to possibly upgrade the air filter or install an induction kit. I'm wandering if I'll actually get anything out of the upgrade as it is such a  small engine and if so which brands and kits would you guys recommend (preferably below £100 as im only 18). thanks

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None will give you more power on there own so it depends if you want to make more noise or install more mods at a later date.

A k&n filter (33-2955) is a good start and only around £40 

Open cone filters give more noise and cost around £130ish plus new


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There won't be a power upgrade but you might get better throttle response - I would suggest just going with a drop in panel filter, you can however get some generic cone filters which will do the same job if you are after a bit of extra noise.

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