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Mk4 Project!


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Hi Everyone - 


So alongside my 64 plate, i now have an old R reg mk4 as a little project for my partner. 

I have couple of questions:


Can i add the boot release button, my friend has it in his mk5 and it doesn't work so any ideas on that also?

Think it's a fuse but yet again i cannot find a diagram that matches the fuses boxes, i don't want to drop the fuse box for no reason. Where can i find a god damn owners manual for the fuse numbers? apparently the interior one you can drop it out and some more fuses "appear". Mine is 1998 and his 2001 so i assume they should be quite similar, but neither of us have an owners manual. Unless i can get one from ford? 

Cambelt and clutch easy to change?

I also was wondering if anyone managed to find a Haynes manual on the internet? I swear i have one at home but i cannot find it!


Thanks everyone, help is very much appreicated!

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There's pretty much nothing wrong with it :(

You may know - on a r reg the fuel gage moves quite erratically and the rang isn't brilliant. About 150miles per half tank.

Servicing it at the weekend so perhaps this will fix it!

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The boot release is all electronic. Being qualified in electronics and worked for companies who surface mount and all that I am going to say that you would not only need a button and release mechanism but would also require the schematics for the wiring of the vehicle he took the release from. This is because the wiring may have been connected to another part of the car which in turn may have been connected to a fuse and requires a certain amount of power to work correctly? Have you checked this at all. I would say its possible but would not be worth the hassle. I tend to forget my car has it and use the key anyway. If you want me to look at the schematics of your vehicle let me know and I will happily find them and look to see what you would need to do. Im no car professional but i know my way around wires and fuses and relays on most things. 

Owners manuals are obtainable from ford itself or you could try here http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual Who knows your VIN my show something 

Cambelt isnt usually to hard a quick search on youtube brings up a whole hog of results. Clutch on the other hand sorry mate never done it and cant find anyone who has.

Haynes manuals i did a lookup for you and tried to find one online however they are all viruses so I would stay well away.I used to have one but got rid of it as i purchased the wrong one for my car. I got mine from OXFAM online for 2 quid :) have a look round they are cheap if you look and also haynes has a 15 quid ebook version of it meaning you can view it on your phone, tablet, laptop, pc and never lose it. 

Hope all that helps





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