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Best protection for metallic paintwork??


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Ok, so it seems that no matter where I park my car I am on a direct flight path of 2 sets of nesting birds who love to relieve themselves on my car with EVERY flight! Seriously, I had just cleaned it, emptied the bucket, turned round & 3 new splats on bonnet. Can't keep cleaning it every 5 mins lol.

Also need to protect paintwork from sunscreen. My old car got destroyed with handprints thanks to sunscreen (not even mine I might add).

What have people found works best with metallic paint? Any particular wax?

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Depending on the age of your vehicle and the current paint-work condition, you may want to go for a full detail (shampoo wash, claybar, polish with Dual-Action Polisher then finally wax). If your paint-work is relatively new, i.e. no scratches, scuffs, swirls in your paintwork then you can skip the claybar and polishing process and move straight from shampooing to waxing.

Firstly shampoo your car so it's clean and ready/prepared for waxing; waxing will protect your paint and hopefully bead out most of the debris/dirt. Built Hamber Double-Speed Wax is one that I would recommend (I am NOT affiliated with the company nor endorse the product) and has been awarded by AutoExpress #1 wax of 2015 and #2 of 2016. I would recommend this one over the #1 award winner because you get an incredible amount of wax for the price you pay, but more importantly the wax will adhere to your car for a long time; you can renew the wax monthly or 1 month and half to retain the strong layer of wax.

I was once into liquid wax such as "Armor All Shield," however once I gave paste wax a try I haven't looked back. To be honest apart from wax, there's not much you can really do about the birds' business. If you want to go extreme, you can try giving Gtechniq EXO and C1 Crystal Lacquer a try; the 30ml bottle is really only good enough for one car. The product will leave a stunning shine if correctly applied and will protect your paintwork from sun to a degree.

All the best. :)

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Well, I had a selection of child hand prints from sun cream around the rear door of my Focus which has metallic paint. They were there for quite a while till I got round to trying to remove them.

Much to my relief a bit of elbow grease and T Cut did the job. Only that girl from NCIS could tell where they were.


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