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What Fiesta have I just bought?


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 60 plate Zetec S

Full leather, push button start, digital climate, folding mirrors, metallic black paint. Reverse sensors.

I know it's not standard, has someone just got happy with options or is it an edition?

Time to get it insured and look at some mods, though the Mrs dove it back from the sale and said the brakes weren't mega...obviously.

I've also only got one fob so will need a spare...not sure on cost there.







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Can't wait to take it out in anger. 

Wheels need a little refurb but finding a mod friendly insurer is the priority at the moment. May give Adrian Flux a call. 

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A black one... :wink:

Leather and climate won't have been standard in a ZS as far as I'm aware!  I'll bet it was a demonstrator like my Focus was, 'normal' buyers don't usually choose so many options. :smile: 

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I'd feel silly having one set of red calipers when the wife's 1.4 Astra has discs all round and her rears are about the size of the Fiestas front.

The leather is very hugging...very very small wear to the drivers bolster but it's on 58k and very good condition.

Best bit....it came in very reasonably priced and has been well cared for with fsh. Only exterior faults I can really see is a few bits to the front bumper which you wouldn't ever notice.

Will also sort the kerbing on all alloys as I'm a bit anal. 






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