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New headlight issue


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I decided to change the headlights on my 13 plate Fiesta Zetec. The process was simple enough and I had the job (almost) done in 15 minutes. However when I was doing the near side dipped beam the new Phillips WhiteVision bulb didn't seem to quite fit inside the holder. There are 3 tension clips that hold the light in and I could only get 2 in at any time. 

The difference was only a few mm so I thought it would be fine, however fast forward to this evening I went out to test the new lights and there seems to be not so great light coverage (from either side tbh) with a strong almost concentrated strip of light from the near side. 

I will be going back out tomorrow to see if I can adjust the bulbs or put the originals back in as they fit perfectly but I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with the correct bulbs not fitting correctly? 


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