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Loud rattling in centre of Mrk6 Fiesta (with video)


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Ok guys I need some help. I have a:
2004 Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX mrk-6.

Recently a loud rattling sound comes from the middle of my car, perhaps more towards the left than right side. This happens at low revs and seems to fade when some gas pedal is applied.
There is also a slight clanking sound when changing the lower gears.

Is my chassis loose? As it's a front wheel drive car, it can't be a loose drive train right? Maybe the exhaust system running under the car is loose?

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I'd start by checking you have all the exhaust mounts fitted, and in good order.

If it does it while ticking over try grabbing the tailpipe and moving the exhaust system, don't burn yourself!

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Loose exhaust heat shields? Look under the car and see if you can see one hanging down.

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OK thanks I'll have a look. The only reason I haven't thought it was anything exhaust related is becasue the noise comes from the centre-left hand side of the car, but the exhaust is on the right side on my car. But then again, the system does twist and turn towards the centre doesn't it?

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