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Replaced front suspension springs on MK7.

Ian Lanc

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Hi guys,

The other week I had a front suspension spring snap on our Fiesta, so my Son set about changing both sides with good quality replacement springs [not upgraded], everything went well and was all marked up so everything went back as it was on re-assembly, the main bolt holes are round and not oval like on some other makes of cars, so the camber should still be spot on, but I still have a niggling thought..... DO I GET THE CAMBER & TRACKING CHECKED ?

The car drives in a straight line when I take my hands off the steering wheel. Doesn't pull to the left or right.

What you think ?

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camber and tracking will be fine, the strut can only fit back in the same position, as you point out tge bolt holes are not oval, camber is not adjustable. only if your changing a lower arm or trackrod end should you need to have tracking checked

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