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Ford Fiesta 2005 completely dead


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Went out in the car on Friday, started and ran fine, went to start it yesterday and engine was turning over but it wouldn't start, just wouldn't fire up, today, gone out to try again and this time its completely dead, the fuel cut off switch had popped up so I reset that and I have checked the fuses behind the glove box which all seem ok but theres nothing at all working in the car apart from the hazard lights and head lights, the dash board doesn't even light up when you turn the key, is there another fuse box in the engine compartment that I'm missing, any ideas anyone? Could it be the immobiliser?


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Hey there mate seen as no one has suggested anything yet lets try and figure some things out :) I believe you have the 2005 edition Fiesta Zetec. Two years younger than mine but according to research not much has changed. The immobiliser light on your dash should be flashing every 2 - 3 seconds. If its flashing like say your indicator arrow (constantly on and off) then yes the immobiliser is triggered.

Here are a few steps to determine your fault easier.

  1. When you turn the key the engine does nothing. No crank or anything. (remember try the above steps first)
  2. When you turn the key engine clicks (loudly once) and does nothing
  3. When you turn the key engine starts (ish) then dies straight away

These are the steps to determine what is wrong with the upset Ford in question. 

  1. Test the battery. I'm going to assume you have a multimeter with this step. If not they are dirt cheap to buy and will be the best thing you invest in. Simply pop the hood. turn the multimeter dial to test voltage, place the red node on the positive and the black node on the negative and it should show around 12v +/- 0.5V (Approx)
  2. Test the starter motor the same way as above. This should be receiving 12 volts. 
  3. You can also do a test to see if the starter motor is receiving a signal from the ignition switch while your testing the current from the battery is right. 
  4. This one maybe a little trickier so I will explain. This is called the voltage drop test. You may have heard of it for clarification:
  • Using a jumper wire apply 12v to the start signal wire. 
  • Remember to turn the engine by hand so that you can eliminate a locked engine or A/C compressor. These are probably the worst case scenarios other than a broken starter.

If the battery is to blame replace it with the correct one as stated in the cars manual or by checking the battery sticker located on top of or on the side of the battery

Now I have done all of the above before on my old fiesta. In fact I had to bench test mine but was a waste of time as I ended up having to buy a new starter. I can't take responsibility for anything you do to the vehicle. All the above can be done right or wrong and cause injury like anything. if your not sure ask someone who knows what they are doing to help out. 

Please remember that a starter motor is not easy to access and you will 99% of the time need to jack up the car. Please use axel stands to support the vehicle. 

Please use some form of eye wear under the vehicle unless you want rust particles or whatever in your eyes. 

Your going to need a helper to help crank the engine when you are testing. Make sure they don't sit in the car as the axel stands may fail. (NOT GOOD). They will also need to help you perform the voltage drop test. I have included a link at the bottom to show how this is done just in case. 

When jumping 12V to the signal you could short the cars circuitry by shorting the ground with the jumper wire. Be very careful.

Here is that link: 

I hope I have been thorough with my reply and I hope your car is fixed soon.

Good Luck




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